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The Somerville Producers Group is a collective of community producers striving to create innovative and provocative alternative live programming via public access televison. The group began in 1974 and has been producing DEAD AIR LIVE - an hour long live unrehearsed show, regularly for 44 years.

Our focus varies from world affairs to local arts to community issues.

Our purpose is to present points of view and give voice to people and perspectives which are not typically seen in mainstream television.

We accept new members on a regular experience necessary.

Dead Air Live is cablecast on:

Somerville Community Access Television Channel 3 every Tuesday night at 8 PM and Saturday morning at 11 AM.

Cambridge Community Television Channel 10 every Wednesday afternoon at 4 PM and Thursday night at 9 PM.

Boston Neighborhood Network Channel 23 every Monday morning at 3 AM, Wednesday night at 11 PM, and Thursday morning at 7 AM.

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